For thousands of years, women have been breastfeeding—and looking for ways to make the experience as physically comfortable as it is emotionally rewarding. Pappee was created by Riany Oliveira, a mom who couldn’t find what she needed in the marketplace. Pappee is a new kind of breastfeeding pillow, designed to provide all the support and comfort you and your baby need, but with unique added features:
  • Easy wrap-around straps to hold baby securely in place on your arm or against your belly
  • Built-in pocket to hold a small heat or cold pack to alleviate ear aches or keep baby’s face cool
  • Zip-off cover that can be used to provide you with additional privacy when nursing in ‘public’ areas
  • Cute, cuddly ‘bunny’ pillow is designed to continue as baby’s first stuffed animal toy or security blanket after breastfeeding ends
  • The only nursing pillow that stabilizes your baby's head for the correct 'latching on' positioning
With Pappee, you don't have to buy a separate nursing pillow, cover or heat/cold pack. Pappee takes the place of all three, and its stabilizing features allow you to use it effectively while lying down, standing, or walking around. Click here to read about Riany’s story and the creation of the Pappee. Click here to learn more about how Pappee works and to buy your very own Pappee!