Riany Oliveria and family, Pappee Breastfeeding Pillow Owner and FounderMy personal journey

Like so many other products, the PAPPEE was created to fill a need.

I believe strongly in breastfeeding, not only for its proven health benefits for both mother and baby, but for the deep emotional bonding that takes place. To me, there is no more intimate, no more immediate transfer of love and nurturing than during those special months in which a mother breastfeeds her child.

When I had my first child, I found that the challenges of breastfeeding often made it hard to fully enjoy those times. During the first few weeks,  I felt my little baby head was  unstable, her head weighed heavily on my arms, her little ears and her face would be smushed and hot. I improvised with folded blankets and pillows to make things more comfortable for both of us, with little success. 

With my second child, I experienced the same as my first one. By the time my third child arrived,  I rigged up a pillow-type device made from foam, with elastic bands to hold it in place. It wasn’t pretty and wasn’t washable. But it did help stabilize my baby’s head, help him breastfeed more comfortably and cozy.

I kept trying to design something better and after a lot of trial and error, It was when my husband and I created the PAPPEE. It’s a washable, bunny-shaped breastfeeding pillow whose ‘bunny ears’ wrap comfortably around either of your arms, supporting your baby’s head and alleviating weight and stress on you. But it’s so much more than that…

My younger baby daughter suffered from recurrent ear problems and my doctor suggested putting hot or cold packs on their ears, but trying to hold anything on her painful ears was difficult, so I had to create a solution:  The PAPPEE  comes with a pocket into which you can insert a small heat or cold pad that will rest against your baby’s ear, providing additional comfort as he snuggles against you. The zip-off cover allows you to breastfeed in privacy if needed.

When your baby is no longer breastfeeding, the PAPPEE becomes your child’s first stuffed toy and security blanket, rekindling that early emotional bond every time he or she holds it. The PAPPEE  now provide priceless memories of those early months when we shared a level of mother-baby intimacy that happens only during breastfeeding.

PAPPEE was the result of my desire to bring modern day comfort and practicality to a labor of love that women have been engaging in for thousands of years. I hope you and your baby enjoy using it!

We are always looking for feedback. Please let me know about your experiences using the Pappee. Send me an email at info@pappeenursing.com

“I believe that God created us to be loved.
Breastfeeding is one of the first loving experiences that we have.”


Riany Oliveira, designer and founder
Abbaa Baby Products, LLC